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Flourish in the peacefulness,
cloaked in wonder

Through dusty, gravel country roads, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and woods, you reach the Relais Cocci Grifoni Wine Resort.

There, on the hill, the horizon becomes accessible.

The Relais is the expression of the hospitality of the Cocci Grifoni family and its philosophy of respect and protection of its land.

From food to wine, living to experiencing, everything is conceived within the dialogue of nature and the contemplation of its uniqueness.

The Relais Cocci Grifoni is part of a wine project that includes the Tenuta Cocci Grifoni winery and wine tourism, where hospitality, good food and good wine find a special place and occasion for consumption and conviviality.

There is a story in every corner.

From the naming of the suites with the quiet details, the history of this property runs along the bricks of the walls and up the tiles of the roof and into the present history of the Cocci Grifoni family, winemakers who since 1933 have continued a story of courage and beauty.

Slow down. Find your breath
Experience wonder.
Flourish in the peacefulness.
We await you.


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