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Surrounded by nature
Embraced in wonder

Infinite time and silence, the vineyards are combined with the dust of the streets and the harmony of light and scents throughout the day.

These are the most intimate and persistent sentiments of a stay at Relais Cocci Grifoni. 

The light is always glorious. Incredible are the flavours to be discovered and the fascinating stories. With overwhelming sunrises and sunsets, within the absence of noise, sleep is sweet.

In the kitchen we only use  local products, treated with respect and care.

Our Cuisine combines the pleasure of being at the table with the surprise of something new.

An infinity pool caresses the landscape, while the other pool, with its sinuous shape, welcomes it.

Charm at every glance.

Freedom at every step.

The vineyards generously welcome guests and the people who take care of them.

The wine is a history of choices reflecting human-being and the land.

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