Wine tasting.. at dinner

DURATION: 2 hours
48€ adults (18+)
38€ kids (10-17 years old)
15€ children (0-9 years old)

Additional services
Visit to the winery: 5€ per person
Based on the winery working needs

To each course a story, that of our wines and our dishes, how they are in harmony with each other and with the surrounding landscape.

Wine tasting lunch and wine tasting dinner become an experience, a game, a discovery, an idea, especially for those who enter the cellar for the first time.

Chef Riccardo Amabili revisits tradition and complies with the laws of food and wine combinations.

Wine tasting dinner
What is included? A 6 courses menu: welcome entrée, two appetizers, firs course, main course, dessert & three glasses of wine per person.

It is the right experience for you if: you want to taste the offer of a territory and are not willing to give up on any course because if things are done, they are done well.


AT 19:00
To enjoy the sunset


Percorso del Gusto - Esperienze - Relais Cocci Grifoni

Wine is the master of the house here: from sparkling to full-body, red, white and passito.

This trail is a fascinating experience through senses discovering new flavors, exploring new boundaries, values and secrets.

Our wine is perfectly paired with the dishes from our chef Daniele Citeroni Maurizi and Chef Riccardo Amabili, made with seasonal ingredients from small local producers. This is the best way to get to know our generous land.

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Telephone: 0736 230058

* In August and September the visit to the winery is suspended due to harvest.
** Private Terrace available for booking from 15th May 2022 to 15th September 2022
30€ from 2 to 4 people
40€ for 5-6 people

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