the Tasting Trail

Wine is the master of the house here: from sparkling to full-body, red, white and passito.

This trail is a fascinating experience through senses discovering new flavors, exploring new boundaries, values and secrets.

Our wine is perfectly paired with the dishes from our chef Daniele Citeroni Maurizi and Chef Riccardo Amabili, made with seasonal ingredients from small local producers. This is the best way to get to know our generous land.

the Wellness Trail

Mindfulness is a matter of breathing and pacing.

Practicing yoga or low-impact exercise helps regenerate our body and our mind becomes more present, especially when immersed in nature between our vineyards and woods.

In this state of deep well-being and connection with nature, the wine tasting experience becomes ecstasy for all the senses. Sound included.

the Craft Trail

What if there was a place surrounded by nature where you could find inspiration and free your own creativity?

That place exists and it’s within Relais Cocci Grifoni. Here you can get your hands in the dough and make shapes with color.

A place outside of time, far away from the daily routine, where nature becomes the inspiration and art is welcome.

Mid-August in the Hills
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