Wine Resort

Flourish in the Peacefulness

Welcome to the deep quiet where all of your senses can awaken.

Nothing stands between you and the sky; between you and the moonlight; between you and the wonderful silence; between you and clean, crisp air. Welcome to the good life.


Each room is different in detail, colour and personality. We have taken our inspiration from our family history and the wonderful people that have inspired us.

Widespread Hospitality

The Panoramic Wine Resort and the Relais Cocci Grifoni are just a few kilometers away from each other.
Consult the map to get an overview and find your way around more easily in our widespread hospitality among vineyards, hills and ravines.



Choose from the elegant Francesco, the strong Loreta, our opulent Teresa and the perfectionist Vincenzo.

These different sized rooms have balconies with panoramic views of the gullies and private bathrooms. A perfect solution for couples, and for solitary travellers, who wish for quiet, relaxation and autonomy.



The delicate Marietta and the authoritative Domenico are two rooms adjacent to the main compound.

These are very bright rooms equipped with a bathtub in the room, private entrances and gardens. Able to be adjoining suites they can be the ideal solution for friends, or family, who wish to be close together and share their journeys.





Access to these rooms is gained directly from the terrace overlooking the garden. Sunlight cascades through the windows highlighting the surrounding nature.

Powder blue is the hue for the room Cruciano, The Smuggler, while cream represents his wife, Gemma, and her delicate complexion. A red room for Emma, the “Ante Litteram” business woman, and wood and delicate decorations reflect the gentle Giovanni.



Curiosity is the element of Guido’s personality that inspired this room.

With a private entrance, living room and two balconies, offering a wide view of the countryside, this suite offers extra space and extra comfort.



In the heart of the

Panoramic Wine Resort,

to enhance your deep quiet and good life experience, you will find :


The heart of this resort are the stories and the craftsmanship. From the beds to the chairs, from the window to the bathtub, every attention to detail showcases the work of the local trades and Italian companies.


A kitchen area for breakfast allows you to find your favourite dishes with genuine ingredients picked from the gardens just under your balcony. There are special menus for sportspersons who, even on holiday, care about their nutritional needs.


An infinity pool opens onto a panorama of gullies and nature. You will find peace, quiet and silence with long hikes or bike rides, alone or with your children, where you may find more travellers or roe deer, porcupines and birds of prey. For the two-wheel lovers a bicycle workshop is at your complete disposal.


Be completely, totally and fully immersed in nature. Wherever you look, your eyes will see different expressions: gullies on one side, hills and mountains on the other, vineyards on the right, woods on the left, open sky above and clean air all around. For us nature means respect above all. We are geothermal and use the energy of the earth. We have photovoltaics for electricity, we are plastic and waste free. The rooms are heated to the wall and floor and the window frames are suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation. Some of the materials used for the construction were repurposed from original tiles and brick that were recovered from the old outbuildings. We pay particular care to the use of water: the most important natural element.


Not far from the resort, and within walking distance, is the wine cellar of Tenuta Cocci Grifoni.
There, with reservations, you can enjoy lunch, or dinner.
You can also buy wines and find out what you like best.


Choosing the Panoramic Wine Resort is a rejuvenating experience that will nurture your well-being while you are nestled within our land, and the woods.
Here exists a peaceful coexistence between humanity and nature that protects us all.


We are located in an area rich with history and architecture. If you enjoy walking through narrow streets, without a map, and a cup of coffee in the square, include a trip to Ascoli Piceno, Ripatransone and Offida while you are here.

Or, if the beach is more to your liking we are 10 km from the Adriatic Sea. From San Benedetto to Cupra Marittima you will be spoiled for choice between free or equipped beaches.

Have you brought your hiking shoes with you? In 45 minutes you could be in front of the Sibillini Mountains. The suggestive routes, with different degrees of difficulty, meet the needs of any hiker. Relaxation and comfort will be waiting for you upon your return.


There are several roads to reach us:

  • Electrical mobility: Recharging available.
  • Ecological mobility: If you choose to come by train, we can pick you up from the nearest station.
  • Traditional mobility: If you come by car, we will help to reset your carbon footprint by our yearly reforestation.
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