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In the heart of the

Panoramic Wine Resort

to enhance your deep quiet and good life experience, you will find:

Two pools, the infinity pool overlooking the panorama and the silence pool, a restaurant with a dedicated Chef to let you discover the goodness of our land, and then all the greenery, walks and excursion on foot or with e-bikes. Silence, peace, kindness and hospitality are the services that characterize our Panoramic Wine Resort.


A kitchen area for breakfast, lunch or dinner allows you to find your favorite dishes with genuine ingredients picked from the garden just a few meters from your room. To enjoy a gourmet experience, book a wine tasting dinner at the Relais Cocci Grifoni with wines of our winery and delicious dishes designed and prepared by Chef Riccardo Amabili.


The Wine of Panoramic Wine Resort is all around you. Enjoy the view from a different perspective, listen to wine and food stories at our Winery. Tenuta Cocci Grifoni is just a few km away, also reachable on foot. You can purchase our wines, discover the different tastes and choose what you want to take home with you as a souvenir from this experience in the middle of nature.


Enjoy the silence and the view by riding around with an e-bike or by relaxing by the pool, we take care of everything. Two e-bikes are available for our guests. You can book them for half a day or for the whole day, to explore trails in the vineyards, to reach the near villages or the seaside. A map will indicate roads and trails to follow.
There are two swimming pools, an infinity pool overlooking nature and a smaller one, with a soft shape, which welcomes and infuses peace.
Every day you can choose your ideal silence experience.


Be completely, totally and fully immersed in nature. Wherever you look, your eyes will see different expressions: gullies on one side, hills and mountains on the other, vineyards on the right, woods on the left, open sky above and clean air all around. For us nature means respect above all. We are geothermal and use the energy of the earth. We have photovoltaics for electricity, we are plastic and waste free. The rooms are heated to the wall and floor and the window frames are suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation. Some of the materials used for the construction were repurposed from original tiles and brick that were recovered from the old outbuildings. We pay particular care to the use of water: the most important natural element.


The heart of this resort are the stories and the craftsmanship. From the beds to the chairs, from the window to the bathtub, every attention to detail showcases the work of the local trades and Italian companies.


Choosing the Panoramic Wine Resort also means doing well for the earth and helping to protect the trees of our woods, letting them continue to grow, as is their nature. Choosing the Panoramic Wine Resort means discovering a piece of rural Italy, a piece of history, something that resists and welcomes the new with enthusiasm and shrewdness. Choosing the Panoramic Wine Resort means feeling part of the whole, having a regenerating experience in contact with nature and continuing to enjoy those feelings of wonder and well-being you just experienced even when you return to your usual life. We need lifeblood too!


We are located in an area rich with history and architecture. If you enjoy walking through narrow streets, without a map, and a cup of coffee in the square, include a trip to Ascoli PicenoRipatransone, Offida and Montalto delle Marche. They are just a few km away.

Or, if the beach is more to your liking we are 10 km from the Adriatic Sea. From San Benedetto to Cupra Marittima you will be spoiled for choice between free or equipped beaches.

Have you brought your hiking shoes with you? In 45 minutes you could be in front of the Sibillini Mountains. The suggestive routes, with different degrees of difficulty, meet the needs of any hiker. Relaxation and comfort will be waiting for you upon your return.

Mid-August in the Hills
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