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Superior Balcony


With the balconies facing the abundant vineyards, these spacious and light-filled suites welcome you for a relaxing stay. The surrounding countryside, with its precious silences and natural beauty, is the perfect setting for a holiday of peace and well-being. The rooms pay homage to the people who inspired them: Vincenzo, Teresa, Loreta and Francesco

Charming Room

32 sqm

Spacious and comfortable, the Charming Room is on the first floor of the 19th century manor house. Its balconies overlook the infinity pool and the horizon which showcases the majestic Gran Sasso and the mysterious Sibillini Mountains.
Charm and history, freedom and comfort welcome visitors as they enter the suite dedicated to the person from whom it all began: Guido.

Large Garden Room

36 sqm

A spacious space to rest and dream in and immerse in nature. Slow and leisurely, time passes when you are on the patio overlooking the garden, while fresh, herbaceous scents become more and more familiar. The unusual details of the room speak of adventures from other times inspired and experienced by Cruciano, from whom the suite is named.

Garden Room

26 sqm

The old barn, a few steps from the manor, 19th century, welcomes guests with an embrace of intimacy and relaxation. Looking through the large windows, the vineyard and the panoramic view showcase the natural beauty. Natural light highlights the refined and handcrafted details that make the two suites, Domenico and Maria, Guido’s parents, alive and unique.

Deluxe Terrace

23 sqm
+ 10 sqm outdoor patio

Overlooking the Montepulciano vineyard, Marilena, Marta and Camilla tell the story of their grandparents, Giovanni, Emma and Gemma, with sincere and kind details. The high vaulted ceilings, typical of the 19th century, welcome dreams and moments of relaxation. The furnished garden, private and intimate, offers spectacular views of sunsets that colour the vineyards with delicate shades of light.

Tiny Room

27 sqm
+ 12 sqm outdoor patio

Reading, writing, sleeping, dreaming, relaxing, listening, being in silence: life in suspended time. All this can be experienced in the delightful Tiny Room. Designed like a home: cosy and comfortable. The attention to comfortable details and the freedom of your environment allows you to breathe while leaving room for your poetics desires.

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