We are surrounded by the sandy beaches of the Adriatic sea in the east and the sweet hills of the Piceno in the west, embracing you with authentic and welcoming nature.
The embrace is as big as the landscape from Gran Sasso to the Sibillini.

A deep breath of pure air, relaxation and calm are combined with stories of food and wine.

At Tenuta Cocci Grifoni we love to tell the stories of our land of woods and badlands, and we love to preserve, cherish and defend our homeland.

These are stories of tiny steps moving forward to a unique heritage which we protect.

At Tenuta Cocci Grifoni we are “stewards of the land”. Every day, we do our best to stay committed to sustainable behaviors and have developed our own program of cultural sustainability.


We are plastic and waste free

As much as possible, we avoid the use of single-dose and single-portion packages and disposable materials. We are committed to reduce production of waste.


We recycle

Thanks to our ethical system, our guests can sort waste and recycle correctly both in their private accommodations and in the common areas.


We use recycled materials

We are big fans of re-use. Everything is transformed, that is why we only choose recycled materials, from furnitures to napkins, not only in recycled papers, but also in fabrics.


We only use self-produced
and local products

We grow our grapevines and produce our wine. We buy food ingredients from local producers and growers.


We support electric mobility

A recharging column for electric cars is available for our clients and guests.


Energy conservation

Electricity is generated by a photovoltaic panels system. The lighting system is energy efficient and low consumption proof. Also, outdoor lamps are provided with motion sensors.


Water conservation

We involve our customers in the responsible use of water and invite them to ask for clean bed and bath linens only when necessary.

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